12 at Boathouse Row and the Art Museum

This assignment involved going to the Boathouse Row/Art Museum area and talking to 12 people who I didn't know. I had to interview them and photograph them. While this didn't sound like a hard assignment, I never realized just how painfully shy I can be when talking to strangers. It took two days at the Art Museum to complete this assignment, because after several rejections the first day, I got discouraged and went home. However, the second day was much more productive.
Of the twelve people I photographed, six were visiting from different continents and needed someone to translate my questions for them. I was pleasantly surprised how willing to help me they were when it was very inconvenient for them. I ended up having a great time shooting these people, and even ended up striking up a conversation with a man on the way home. He told me to put my sweater back on so I wouldn't catch a cold because the weather can trick you into thinking it's warmer out than it really is. All in all, this was a difficult assignment for me, but very rewarding.

Candy (below) and her younger sister translated for Belkis and Salvador. I am not pleased with how Candy's portrait turned out. However, I was shooting in JPEG fine, not RAW, so I was unable to better correct the exposure. Her younger sister did not wish to be photographed. Alicia (pronounced A-lee-cee-a) translated for Emma and Leo, her parents from Peru.

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I love this idea! And I hope you had some moo cards to give out to direct them back to your blog :)